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Awakened birth, death, and life in between.

Our mission is to honor and uplift the sacredness of our human journey. See how you can raise your own vibration and inspire others to do the same. 

Supporting the sacred human experience

Illuminated Birth

Helping mothers tune into the sacredness creating life. 

Illuminated Life

Accessing life in a more connected way with higher vibrations.

Illuminated Transitions

Welcoming death as a present,

loving human collective.

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Welcome to We Were Born For More. I'm Molly.

I believe that we human beings are living far beneath our potential. We are not consistently showing up as a human collective at the high vibrational level of which we are capable!

I believe that we were born for more. 


This is a place to explore a new vision for living in a way that is more aware, awake, accepting, loving and present.  Living into these qualities enables the whole human collective to create a higher vibrational existence for all. Come join the movement!


Lauren D.

Working with Molly has changed my life. She was my birth doula, and I have also been fortunate to participate in a despacho ceremony she led. Beyond that, I benefited from her insightful coaching during the difficult time of a relative's passing given her end of life doula expertise, as well as from her potent energy work. She is kind and gentle, but her work is transformative.

Stephanie S.

I had a pretty awful pregnancy massage recently and went on the hunt to specifically find Molly again, who treated me during my first pregnancy 2.5 years ago. That bad experience made me so much more thankful for Molly’s attentiveness in my needs, but also her extensive knowledge of what she thought would be best for me. I’m already booked with her and will continue seeing her weekly until this baby comes!

Amber S.

Over the course of our distance Reiki sessions, I've experienced some of the deepest meditative experiences of my life. As I've been battling chronic illness, I've been focusing on healing and working with you has helped sooo much! I am more aligned in my true path and have felt the deep healing take root. You are truly an incredibly gifted healer and energy worker! I didn't know I needed Reiki and energy work in my life until I started working with you, and now you've got a lifelong client! Thank you for everything, Molly!"

Brittany S.

I can not recommended this enough while being pregnant!! I’m 16 weeks and the tension in my upper back was already becoming to much to bare, I had not felt comfortable in my changing body for what felt like forever- so I went to Molly to ease the tension and when I left I felt more relaxed than I have in years! ☺️ This exceeded my expectations and I’m so excited for my next appointment!

I would love to hear from you!

We were born for more


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