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Birth Doula Services
Pregnancy/postnatal massage
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Birth Doula Services

What is a Birth Doula?


A birth doula works with families during pregnancy, labor and in the birth process, as well as immediately postpartum, offering support, encouragement, information, comfort, and referrals as needed. 


I support 1 birth per month, and I serve King County.


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Birth is miraculous! The pregnancy/labor/birth journey is wonderful… and indeed challenging. Having compassionate, knowledgable support can make a huge difference in feeling satisfied with your birth experience, feeling heard and having as much of your birth vision happen as possible.

That’s where I come in! My years of coaching, meditation, bodywork and birth doula work enable me to offer my clients a grounded, knowledgable, empathic, safe and nurturing presence. I empower my clients to advocate for themselves—ask for what they need—and I also offer suggestions to help my clients better cope and move baby down!

I work with a culturally and spiritually diverse clientele. I’m a mom of adult children and had 3 midwife-assisted unmedicated hospital births.


It’s a joyous honor serving and supporting my clients as they bring precious new life into the world and begin their parenting journey!

Birth Support Package: $1750

Birth Support Package with added 4 60-minute pregnancy massage package: $2150


  • Complimentary Consultation:  I’ll ask you about your pregnancy journey and your birth vision, and I’ll share more about me, my services and how I can support your vision.

  • Includes two prenatal meetings to discuss your birth plan, answer questions, practice coping techniques, develop your labor plan.

  • Email/text support 

  • Continuous labor & birth support 

  • 2 in-home postpartum visits 

  • Infant Massage Online Self-paced Course with in-person instruction at postpartum visits

Doula at Home

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

Massage during pregnancy is side-lying with pillow bolsters. I target your areas of tension and soreness leaving you more comfortable and relaxed!

Postpartum massage is also side-lying until you are ready to lay on your chest and belly. Massage supports your postpartum recovery.


 Massage is a wonderful way to take care of yourself and your baby!

60 minutes: $111

90 minutes: $152

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Maternity Meditation Class

Sacred Birth Retreat

With all there is to do to prepare for the arrival of your baby, it's hard to find the time to just be still!

Come join us for a Sacred Birth Retreat to pause...connect with yourself and your baby, find your grounding and your connection to the cosmos, feel supported as you prepare to enter parenthood!

Next retreat: Coming this fall

Where: Kirkland, WA

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