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Frequently Asked Questions...

What do you love about being a doula?


The experience of labor and birth is a sacred life is coming into the world! What an amazing, joyous, precious experience! How supported mom feels through the experience of labor and giving birth makes a huge difference for her and baby. Being well-supported can impact baby's health, how quickly and how well breastfeeding gets established, bonding, the parent many things! I love being able to provide deeply caring, nurturing and intuitive support so that the family can have a beautiful and gentle foundation for the start of their life together!   

How will you help me during the birth?


I will be there to offer position suggestions that might help make contractions more productive.  I can remind you of the pain-coping skills we talked about together and will help you manage contractions.  I'm there to support your partner with ideas to support you!

In what areas of doula support, do you feel, you really shine?


As a massage therapist and health coach, I have cultivated skills of active listening and a gentle, caring presence. I bring a balance of active involvement and staying in the background.  I'm able to read the situation and intuit what is needed at the moment.

What areas do you still feel need improvement?


The field of doula support is ever growing and expanding...there is always more to learn! I seek out connection with my birth doula colleagues to learn from them and take Continuing Education courses to stay updated with the latest information on doula support and maternal/baby wellness.

How would you describe yourself as a doula? What would other say to describe your personality?


Professional, calm, grounded, reassuring, supportive, knowledgable, flexible, 


How will you support my partner during labor?

I am there to support your partner guiding them to participate in the level that is most comfortable.  That can include making suggestions on positions


I am there to support your partner guiding them to participate in the level that is most comfortable.Thatcan include making suggestions on positions the 

What restrictions do you have as a doula?


I am not a clinician...I am your support person!  I won't speak to your health care provider on your behalf, but I can help you to formulate questions you might ask your caregiver. There may be a time limit on labor support hours and web that support starts...we would discuss this together as every situation is different. 

What is the Job Description of a Doula?

Doula Responsibilities:

  • Assisting mother in labor, and understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor.

  • Assisting the woman in preparing and carrying out her preferences for birth

  • Staying with the woman throughout her labor.

  • Providing emotional support, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint while helping the woman get the information she needs to make informed decisions.

  • Facilitating communication between the laboring woman, her parter and her clinical care provides.

  • Including the woman's partner to participate at their comfort level.

  • Seeking to enhance the woman's memory of her birth experience, recognizing birth as a pivotal experience the mother will remember for the rest of her life.

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