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Write Your "Stepping Into Parenthood"  Story
...A Workshop

Welcoming a new life into the world and stepping into parenthood is an extraordinary and life-altering journey! From considering having a child to pregnancy, IVF, surrogacy or adoption…to welcoming that child into your arms…and stepping into your role as a parent…has a way of  changing how you look at yourself and the world.


This workshop is about using writing to capture the memories of your transition into becoming a parent. Your child will LOVE to read the story of their early beginnings and to understand their parents more deeply. For you, the process of reflecting, writing, hearing the journey of others as well as sharing yours can uncover deeper insights and realizations that can be both healing and transformative. Come away from our time together with an expanded sense of self-love and appreciation for the version of you that had the courage to say “yes” to the journey into parenthood. 

Assisted Water Birth
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Join me for my Write Your "Stepping Into Parenthood" Story Workshop!

I'll guide you through a reflective journey of remembering the details...big and small....

so that you can capture the fullness of your story.

Next workshop: Sunday, January 9, 2022. 10:00-5:00 PST

We will be meeting on Zoom.

To sign-up or ask questions, click below!

The experience of birthing your baby is truly life transformative!

It is a test of your inner strength and resilience as well as physical endurance. It is an experience ripe for personal growth, and it is a sacred journey birthing a new life into the world. 

Taking the time to reflect, process and write down your baby's birth story can be healing and insightful to you....and it can be a tremendous gift to give your baby.

Knowing their birth story can be so empowering for children! 

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