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Illuminated Life

Through my years of study and practice, you're in good hands on your path through Energy Alignment, Despacho Ceremonies, and Meditation. 

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Energetic Alignment

The evolution of our consciousness is a continual process of coming into greater alignment. During an Energetic Alignment Session, you are directly supported by energies helping you into greater physical, mental, emotional and energetic/spiritual alignment for the purpose of your own self-realization. For this session, you are clothed and lying on the heated massage table with blanket and bolster for your comfort and relaxation.

Despacho Ceremony

A communal ceremony of blessing to the Earth and all of our relations. Come gather around the circle, around the fire, enjoy sacred space as we create a mandala of prayers and positive intentions for ourselves, each other, the Earth and our Human Collective.

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Embrace the transformative power of meditation. You will be guided on a journey of self-discovery, one breath at a time. This session is all about you—connecting with your inner self and bringing about a greater harmony within your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual spheres. Together, in this moment of calm and tranquility, we'll explore your path to self-realization.

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