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I'm Molly Peebles, and I have spent close to 30 years contemplating motherhood and what it means to parent new human beings into adulthood. Taking on the role of parent is the most profound personal and spiritual growth program a person could ever enroll in! Through the different phases and stages of parenting, there are opportunities for deeper self-reflection and gaining greater awareness about oneself and one’s child.


Illumination, as I see it, is about shining the spotlight on both the ways that we shine and express our authentic selves in the world as well as the deeper places within that long for healing and wholeness. 


Applied to motherhood, illumination is the process of becoming aware of the habits, patterns and stuck places that come up to be healed so that we can be a more aware and awake parent. By doing that, our children do not have to inherit our unfinished business. That is one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids!


Illumination is a life-long journey…there is always more to learn and uncover about ourselves throughout each stage of our human adventure. We can bring that ever-evolving version of ourself to the relationship with our children through their childhood and into their adulthood.

Illuminated Motherhood is a journey that begins during pregnancy! 

Are you ready to get started? 

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